What is an Auxxit Moderator?

Hi! I’m Maria, Auxxit’s first moderator. So what is an Auxxit moderator? Well, I think the best way to describe being a moderator is that I am the parent of our unique community.

I ensure that everyone follows our community rules, namely keeping it clean, positive, and fun!

I help encourage the flow of conversation when there is a lull in the room or when things start going down a path that isn’t within our room guidelines.

When we hold auctions, I manage the process, which means accepting the items to be included in an auction, setting the schedule for the auction, and making sure that transactions are executed fairly.

I guess our community would say that I help our room to be a safe and trusted place.

I realize there are numerous sites where you can go to be part of a community and chat with others about a shared interest, but what makes Auxxit different and what I love about this platform is the ability to banter and chat with friends about a shared interest while also being able to participate in live auctions in the same place.

Being an effective moderator is more work than just being a member. I have the extra time to do it, but honestly, I don’t spend much more time than I would spend if I were only a community member.

Auxxit appreciates and recognizes the importance of having effective moderators. I get compensated for my time with a small commission on every sale. The more actively engaged our community is, the better it is for me, too!

Tips for being an Auxxit Moderator

  •         Share the passion of your community
  •         Set guidelines for your community based on things that are important to you and your community members – for us, it was keeping it clean and trustworthy
  •         If a member breaks the rules, start a private chat with the member in order to explain the issue. Most times this will solve the problem. If not, then remove the individual from the room.
  •         Set auctions at a time that is convenient for most members. Weeknights around 8 pm worked great for us.

I hope you have as much fun with Auxxit as I am!