Welcome to Auxxit

Thank you for checking out our site and taking the time to learn more about Auxxit. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be part of this company and the community we have created.

Our concept was born from a trading card hobby after realizing there was no existing online solution that we could use to both interact and transact directly, quickly, and easily with other individuals when it came to our shared trading card passion. We were using completely different tools to discuss items and share knowledge while having to coordinate through other apps and payment systems to buy and sell cards.

Auxxit is a mobile marketplace centered on true topic-based communities. Having everything in one place allows us to create exciting commerce events where people can buy and sell their topic-related items.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know new people in our micro-communities, connecting over various shared passions and personally participating in our engaging community commerce events.

I think our app is unique because of how strongly people connect with each other through it, and how much fun everyone has being able to chat together in real-time while buying and selling items in community commerce events all in one place!

Please come back to this blog to hear more information from our moderators, sellers, and Auxxit team members about various topics related to everything Auxxit.


CEO-Auxxit, Inc.