UI Improvements to Beta Release

It’s been a busy month here at Auxxit since the beta release of our platform.

Our proof of concept community has transitioned over to our beta app as well as numerous other new communities have joined.

Feedback has been extremely positive, as well as incredibly constructive noting where improvements could be made.

One significant improvement we would like to share is the improvement of our auction tool. Since our communities have been running live auctions, we have had the chance to get fresh eyes on our application and note several areas in how the information sharing of an event could enhance and simplify the experience.

At the launch of our beta, when a live auction was occurring, a shortcut would appear directing the user to our auction summary page. The only way that you could see the current event was by being in our items page and selecting each item individually to keep track of bidding.

This was difficult for a user if you were bidding on more than one item, if you were bidding and engaged in fun banter on the group chat page, or if you weren’t a bidding participant, but wanted to easily follow along with the auction.

Our users were quick to point out these issues through our feedback portal within the app under the user profile and our adept development team incorporated the feedback as well as some additional improvements like the red and green outlines noted below.

The improvements we made were: