Effective May 7, 2020


We want to maintain a safe, fair, and enjoyable marketplace for all of our users, including moderators, buyers, and sellers.  If you’re a seller, we ask that you review and understand our policies, including the Auxxit User Agreement before you submit an item for sale.  By submitting an item for sale, you are agreeing to all of our rules and policies, including the Auxxit User Agreement. 

Selling Fees

We charge a selling fee of 5% of the Purchase Price subject to a minimum selling fee of $0.25 per item. Our Selling Fee is not assessed on any estimated sales tax we collect on your behalf if you use our “tax tool” in the item listing. 

Processing Fees

Auxxit’s platform provides a “pay tool” that is used by buyers to confirm their “ship to” address and their method of payment.  The “pay tool” includes a merchant payment feature that allows Auxxit to collect the Purchase Price payment from a buyer on behalf of the seller.  Each payment that is collected using the merchant payment feature incurs a processing fee of 3% plus $0.30 per transaction that is owed by the seller (the “Processing Fee”).

Payment of Selling and Other Fees 

When a buyer pays for an item using the merchant payment feature, we automatically deduct Selling Fees, Processing Fees, and other fees, if applicable, from the Purchase Price payment before it is paid to you, so you don’t need to pay those fees later (the payment you receive being the “Net Payment”).

Payment Timeframes.  If you have provided a satisfactory credit application to Auxxit, your Net Payment will be initiated for disbursement within four (4) business days after the date the buyer confirmed payment using the “pay tool” on our platform.

If you have not provided a satisfactory credit application to Auxxit, your Net Payment will be initiated for disbursement within 48 hours of first of the following events to occur: (1) receipt of a shipping delivery confirmation if you used an Auxxit shipping label with a tracking number; (2) written notice to us from the buyer that the item has been received, including a notice sent using the chat feature on our platform; or (3) 21 days has passed since the buyer confirmed payment using the “pay tool” on our platform.  

Payment Holds.  We may put Net Payments from your buyers on hold regardless of the above described payment timeframes.  

We may also place a Net Payment on hold if we find any risk in the transaction, in our sole discretion, or if your buyer reports an issue, we may place a hold on your Net Payment until the issue is resolved.

We may also put a hold on a Net Payment for 21 days if we determine the transaction to be a risk.  The type of item, item price, and seller standing can all contribute to this decision.

Cancellations, Returns, and Refunds and Exchanges

Cancellations.  If you are unable to complete a transaction, you must notify the buyer and us in writing and cancel the transaction.  If the buyer already submitted payment and you have already received your Net Payment for the transaction, you must issue a full refund to the buyer and we will reimburse you for any fees paid to us, less any processing fees.  If the buyer already submitted payment, but you have not received your Net Payment for the transaction, we will issue a full refund to the buyer and we will either bill you for or deduct from your future Net Payments any processing fees incurred by us.  You are encouraged to keep proof of any refunds in the event a dispute arises.

You may also cancel a transaction under the following circumstances:

  • The buyer did not pay within 24 hours of purchase and you did not agree to accept a later payment.
  • Both you and the buyer agree in writing to cancel the transaction prior to shipment; provided the buyer is issued a full refund in accordance with this subsection.

With respect to any cancellation, you must send a cancellation notice to, which includes the item and User ID of the buyer.

Returns.  In the “item creation tool” you must choose one of two options regarding the return of an item.  The first option is a 30-day return policy that is described in the User Agreement and the second option is a no return policy.  

If an item is subject to the 30-day return policy, a buyer can return that item for any reason, including if they change their mind about a purchase.  Regardless of whether you have already received your Net Payment for the transaction, you must make arrangements to refund the buyer for the item directly.  If you follow the 30-day return policy process described in the User Agreement, we will refund our selling fee for the item to you.  We will not refund any other fees to you. 

Refunds and Exchanges.  If a buyer receives an item that is defective, damaged, or materially different than described in the item details on our platform, the buyer has 30 days from the date the item was delivered to contact you directly to request a refund or exchange.  You have 48 hours after receiving such a request to respond that you will either (i) process a refund of the Purchase Price of the item (including the shipping and handling fees advertised by you in the listing), (ii) send a replacement item, or (iii) deny the request with an explanation.  You are responsible for paying the shipping costs to have the original item returned to you and the replacement item sent to the buyer.  If you agree to process a refund, you must make arrangements to refund the buyer for the item directly.  We will not refund any of our fees to you.

Rules About Unpaid Items

When a buyer wins an auction item or you accept a buyer’s offer to purchase an item, the buyer is obligated to complete the purchase by sending full payment to you as the seller either using our merchant payment feature or through an arrangement directly between the buyer and you.  If a buyer doesn’t pay within 24 hours and you have not made other payment arrangements with the buyer, you can open an unpaid item case by contacting Auxxit and we may attempt to contact the buyer on your behalf to request payment.  If the buyer still doesn’t pay or reach some other agreement with you, Auxxit may record the unpaid item on the buyer’s account.  Excessive unpaid items on a buyer’s account may result in a range of consequences, including limits on or loss of buying privileges.  

Shipping and Handling Costs

Sellers must specify shipping and handling costs and related service charges in each listing if they are going to be charged as part of the Purchase Price.

Shipping costs should be based on a reasonable estimate of the actual amount expected to be paid to the carrier for shipping.  

Handling costs can include the cost of packaging materials and insurance costs, if any.

Shipping Confirmations

Sellers must report shipping confirmation for items they sell in the Auxxit platform as soon as possible.  If a seller purchases a shipping label from Auxxit, the shipping confirmation is reported automatically and the seller does not need to take any further action.  If the item is shipped using a method other than a shipping label provided by Auxxit, the seller must use the “pay tool” to enter the carrier used and any other applicable tracking information into the Auxxit platform to confirm that the item has been shipped.  If seller does not enter shipping confirmation information, your Net Payment for the item will be subject to delay of up to 21 days before it is released to you. 

Shipping Labels

Sellers who purchase shipping labels from us are charged at the time they purchase the shipping label.  Shipping label purchases cannot be cancelled or refunded after you have paid for them.

If you purchase the incorrect shipping label for an item and the carrier completes the shipping of the item, our shipping label provider may charge us the difference in price between the price for the correct label and the price you paid (the “Shipping Label True-Up Charge”).  If we are charged a Shipping Label True-Up Charge for a shipping label purchased by you, we will charge you the Shipping Label True-Up Charge plus a 25% processing fee.  Please note that Shipping Label True-Up Charges may take up to four weeks to be received from the shipping carrier and then passed on to you.

If you want to combine multiple items purchased by a single buyer into a single shipment using a shipping label you purchase from us, you must use the “options” feature in the “processing tool” to input the tracking number for each item included in the shipment.  If you want to provide a shipping fee rebate to the buyer because of the combined shipment, you must arrange the rebate directly with the buyer.

Collection of True-ups and Uncollected Transaction Fees.

We have the right to deduct Shipping Label True-Up Charges and any other unpaid fees owed by you from your future Net Payments or to deliver an electronic invoice to the e-mail address associated with your user account for such amounts, which will be payable upon receipt.

Shipping and Handling Time and Delivery Confirmation

Sellers must clearly and accurately specify when an item will be shipped in each item listing.  Sellers must ship items within the handling time stated in the listing.  Sellers may not hold shipment until Net Payments are released.

We recommend using tracking and delivery confirmation to protect you if a buyer claims an item wasn’t received.  For additional protection on high value items, use signature confirmation services.  

Sales Tax and Government Imposed Fees

It is the responsibility of a seller to determine whether the seller needs to charge sales tax, as well as report and remit the sales tax collected to the appropriate taxing authority.  Sales tax rules are complicated, and vary by jurisdiction and type of goods sold.  We recommend that you speak with a qualified tax adviser if you have any questions regarding your requirement to collect and remit sales tax.

If you determine that you are required to collect sales tax on your Auxxit sales to buyers in certain locations, you are responsible for remitting the required amount for sales tax from the amount the buyer pays to you.  We recommend considering potential sales tax implications before deciding to sell on Auxxit.  Auxxit’s platform has an optional feature that allows you to collect estimated sales tax from the buyer.  Use of Auxxit’s platform for collecting estimated sales tax does not create any obligation by Auxxit to pay taxes on your behalf; any amounts collected will be paid to you along with the Net Payment.

Only estimated applicable federal, state, country, city, Value Added Tax (VAT), or equivalent taxes may be charged using Auxxit’s platform.

Chargeback Fees

If a buyer initiates a chargeback, this fee will be assessed to seller.  


We may, in our sole discretion without prior notice, reserve an amount of the Net Payment of each item sold during exposure or potential exposure to high frequency of refunds or chargebacks or following significant variations in monthly sales volume, so as to ensure we have enough funds to meet potential refund and chargeback requests.  Should we be subject to, or have reasonable cause to believe that we may be exposed to any negative account balance, or any claims, fines, penalties, non-compliance charges, or additional fees levied against us by any of our third party providers or any legal authority due to your acts or omissions, or as a result of default, breach, or termination of the Auxxit User Agreement, policies, fraud, money laundering, illegal, unauthorized or improper actions of you and/or your customers, we may in our sole discretion and without prior notice holdback in reserve additional sums for such period as we deem necessary to secure and make whole our financial position.

Third Party Payment Providers

We use third parties to process payments and to payout funds to sellers.  These third party companies include BlueSnap, Inc., PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.  If you sell items on Auxxit you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of any third party payout partners that we use to process payments and to send you Net Payments. 

Seller Standards

As a seller, you’re expected to:

  • Promptly resolve customer issues;
  • Ship items on time, within your specified handling time;
  • Manage inventory;
  • Charge reasonable shipping and handling costs;
  • Specify shipping costs and handling time in the listing;
  • Follow through on your return policy;
  • Respond (or assist your moderator with responding) to buyers’ questions promptly;
  • Be helpful, friendly, and professional throughout a transaction; and
  • Make sure the item is delivered to the buyer as described in the listing.
Privacy and Protecting Personal Information

You are responsible for protecting personal information you receive or process and complying with all relevant legal requirements.  This includes applicable data protection and privacy laws that govern the ways in which you can use Auxxit user information.  Such laws may require that you post, and comply with, your own privacy policy, which must be accessible to Auxxit users with whom users you interact and compatible with this policy and Auxxit’s terms of use.

Minimum Transaction Defect Standard

To meet our minimum standard, you can only have up to 2% of transactions with one or more defects over the most recent evaluation period.  Only your transactions with U.S. buyers count toward your seller defect rate.

The defect rate won’t affect your seller performance status until you have transactions with defects with at least five different buyers within your evaluation period.

Sellers with 400 or more transactions over the past three months are evaluated based on the past three months and sellers with fewer than 400 transactions are evaluated based on the past 12 months.

If you don’t meet our transaction defect standard, we may put limits on your selling activity or restrict you from selling items on Auxxit.  Buyers won’t see your defect rate. 

Minimum Transaction Completion Standard

To meet our minimum standard, you can only have up to 5% of transactions that remain uncompleted over the most recent evaluation period.  Only your transactions with U.S. buyers count toward your seller performance rating.

Sellers with 400 or more transactions over the past three months are evaluated based on the past month and sellers with fewer than 400 transactions are evaluated based on the past three months.

If you don’t meet our transaction completion standard, we may put limits on your selling activity or restrict you from selling items on Auxxit.  Buyers won’t see your transaction completion rate. 

Rules About Feedback

You are not allowed abuse the feedback system.  You are not permitted to leave feedback that:

  • Contains private information;
  • Contains obscene, racist, or harassing language or imagery; or
  • Contains advertising or spam.
Reporting Policy Violations

If you want to report a policy violation:

  1. First, read the policy page that deals with the violation and make sure the other user is really breaking the rules.
  2. If you still want to report a user, contact customer support.

Reports of policy violations must be specific and you must submit them with the intent of addressing a known or suspected violation of our policy.

False reporting of policy violations can have serious consequences.  Sellers who falsely report unpaid items may be subject to suspension.

Report an alleged violation only once.  Multiple emails about the same alleged violation slow down our investigation.

When we receive your report, we look at all the circumstances, including the user’s history, before we decide whether to take action.  If we aren’t sure about something or can’t prove it with certainty, we may not take any action.  In addition, we won’t discuss the results of an investigation.