Effective May 7, 2020

We expect all buyers, sellers, and moderators to adhere to the following rules:

Keep It Legal.  Acting in an illegal fashion and discussion of illegal activities are not allowed.  Auxxit is not responsible for anything you say or for any consequences that may arise from your words and actions.  Those who break this rule will be the ones held responsible, not Auxxit.

Use appropriate language.  If it cannot be said on public television or family environments, it can’t be said here either.  We may remove anyone who advocates or encourages expressions of violence, bigotry, racist, or hatred as we see fit.  Actions that either incite or encourage others to violate these and other policies will not be tolerated.  We encourage our users to treat each other with respect.  Do not threaten, harass, stalk, or abuse others.

No posting from a false or anonymous address or ID.  You must be willing to accept private correspondence concerning your posts.  Many times clarification can be made privately, or a person may feel insecure in posting a public question in response.

No personal attacks.  The basic rule is that if you could not give the identical comment to a person face-to-face, then it should not be said here either.  These guidelines apply to personal respect as well. It’s not enough to not directly insult someone.  We ask that everyone treat each other with personal respect as well. Indirect insults can often be just as counterproductive as direct insults.

No spam or flooding.  Flooding and spamming will not be tolerated.  Auxxit’s definition of flooding and spamming is overusing any word, letter, number, or symbol with the sole intention of disrupting the flow of an auction. Continued flooding and spamming can result in a permanent ban.  Auxxit is not to be used for spamming or advertising for outside companies.

Accept responsibility.  You are responsible for anything you say while you use our platform and for protecting your own system.  You are responsible for any actions you take based on information you receive online.  Use your own judgment when evaluating information provided through the use of the network.  Please don’t give out personal information like passwords or credit card details online.

No bots.  We do not accept the use of automated scripts or bots by our buyers, seller, or moderators.

By using Auxxit, all buyers, sellers, and moderators acknowledge that:

No mediation by Auxxit.  Auxxit will not mediate disputes between users in a community or between users in a community and outside parties.

Community removal.  Communities that are not in compliance with Auxxit’s policies maybe removed and Auxxit reserves the right to remove a community for any reason.