Our First Community…

The first community that inspired Auxxit was built around a shared trading card passion, Konami’s Star Wars Force Collection trading cards to be specific. It started small with a few of us and grew to over 500 people in just a couple of months.

Why did it grow so fast? We were having fun, both new and old members were telling others about their great experiences with the group, and it grew organically and unforced.

What was so fun about it? In addition to bantering and engaging with new virtual friends about anything and everything related to Star Wars, our community participated in pre-scheduled social events, the most interesting was a group auction to buy and sell cards. The auctions made trading cards exciting and competitive. We got to egg on our friends, actively see what our cards were really worth, and learn which cards our fellow community members were seeking. Most agreed it was much more fun than other cold, single item auction or storefront sites that already existed.

What made the community/room work so well? We had an amazing moderator! She implemented rules to keep the room clean and family friendly, and people preferred it that way. No one had to worry about objectionable content or ongoing negative conversations. Our community also trusted each other in part because our moderator kept everything above board. She made it very easy to be part of the community and complete transactions.

I never expected and was genuinely surprised by the depth and quality of relationships formed in our virtual community. For many of us, we became family. As an example, on several occasions, members of the community came together to run auctions for several charities or to help others in times of hardship.  When I reflect on these moments, I still can’t believe that a group of people who had never met in person demonstrated such generosity!