Get in on the Ground Floor of Auxxit

Auxxit is currently recruiting motivated and connected individuals to help build our beta rooms! You may receive special compensation opportunities for joining now!

How Does Auxxit Work?

Auxxit is a unique social interactive experience where you can find virtual communities of people who share your interests and passions. Connect with old friends, make new friends, and participate in exciting live online commerce events.

Business Development Opportunities

If you're an influencer in a current community that shares a specific passion or interest and you can recruit people to engage on Auxxit's platform, identify potential moderators, and have relationships with sellers in that space, then you should apply to become a Business Development Representative for Auxxit.

What does it mean to be a Business Development Representative (BDR)?

Our BDRs are essential in building our successful beta communities. To build a successful community, you must:
  • Have a specific topic/passion to drive the room
  • Be able to recruit people to join the community and engage in fun conversation over a shared passion
  • Have a relationship(s) with those who are influential in your community
  • Identify an individual that will moderate the room
  • Be able to recruit some initial sellers to feed the live commerce events (Auctions) that are managed by the moderator

Does this Describe You?

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Additional Roles

Don't think you qualify as a BDR? As Auxxit’s communities develop and continue to grow, we plan to have unique opportunities for passionate individuals that want to be leaders and part of what we are calling our “founders’ club.”
  • Create topical insights, information, and media
  • Grow membership of Auxxit rooms by promoting Auxxit on other social media platforms
  • Established influencers in other social media to promote App
  • Subject matter experts in other social media tools that enjoy sharing information with like-minded users
  • Individuals willing to learn topics and trains users to become influencers
  • Encourage discussion in chats and answer questions on topics or auctions
  • Maintain room membership and promote auction activity
  • Manage auction items
  • Highly organized social media users who have experience managing virtual communities
  • Auction enthusiast looking for way to participate and earn income
  • Create a pool of Auxxit’s own moderators that can be assigned to various rooms
  • Provide topical goods to be sold in auctions
  • Primary goal is to move product
  • Small business owners that already specialize in online sales of topic related items
  • Repeat sellers on other social media platforms (Facebook, Reddit, etc.)
  • eBay store owners with topic-specific inventory
  • “Pickers” community