Auxxit’s 1st Beta Rooms & Auctions

Auxxit recently transitioned its closed beta platform to an open beta using Apple TestFlight and the Google Play store with the goal of doing some limited testing with the public to get very early feedback on our prototype app. With this post, we wanted to share some experiences and hope it may trigger some ideas with the audience following our journey.

Over the next several months we will be running a product/market fit exercise to see who Auxxit’s ideal users are and how they will adopt the app. This past week we took an exciting early step with this exercise when two of our newly formed beta communities/rooms ran live auctions – Classic Rock Vinyl and the game HeroClix.  

Our business development team took very different approaches to build these rooms, both with similar results as we were able to get over 50 members in each in less than a week. The goal was to run a live auction in these rooms and have our first real dollar sales with the public.

With HeroClix, the marketing efforts took place in person with a local shop in the Buffalo, NY area that hosts HeroClix tournaments. We walked into the shop as a cold call and found influencers from this community that invited others passionate about the game to join the HeroClix Auxxit room. An auction was set up to run prior to a tournament in the brick and mortar location the next day.  All 5 items were sold with multiple bids on each.

For Classic Rock Vinyl, we built the room using digital marketing tactics including Facebook paid ads and posting in existing Reddit and FB vinyl groups. 4 items were sold over a 30 minute auction period.

So, overall, both auctions were successful in terms of getting public users to join, use the app and participate in a real-money event auction.

Some of our big takeaways during this exercise were:

  • Feedback has been extremely positive. The new members are looking for communities that are very specialized in their niche. One vinyl collector told me that he doesn’t want to sift through tons of posts on Reddit about other genres, he just wants a place where he can discuss, buy and sell only in the genre (s) he is into. This matches our problem statement:

“When someone becomes highly passionate about an activity, the activity-related products they seek out become more specialized and difficult to acquire. Also, people tend to engage in much more discussion and research when making purchases or to help others with their knowledge. We were frustrated with the online tools available for researching and purchasing items related to our own hobbies, and that led to us to create Auxxit, a better tool for passion-based communities to buy, sell and discuss items.”

  • As enthusiastic as members were to join the room and discuss their passion, they were really blown away once they saw the live auction in action. The event style auction and the fast-paced nature of it were definitely exciting for all.

  • Activity begets additional activity. Even with this very small test, the more members we added, the more questions about the different roles within our platform came. One user requested to be a moderator of the room. 2-3 sellers emerged. New members requested that 6 additional rooms for new topics be created. This is very encouraging because eventually, we expect to get to a tipping point where this is all user-generated.

To watch a screen recording of the historic, 1st ever Auxxit public auction with real-money sales…


You can say you knew us when…lol.

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