Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Auxxit. Our executive and technical team.

Vince Arena

Chief Executive Officer

Vince is a seasoned entrepreneur in the tech and telecom industries, having guided startup teams to exits via sale and public offering. His frustrations with existing chat and text technologies and a belief that group chat will transform how people interact on a daily basis led to Auxxit’s innovative approach for peer-to-peer communities.

Laura Murtagh

EVP & General Counsel

Laura brings with her over 20 years of experience in counseling and advising start-up and emerging growth companies in a variety of industries including telecommunications, entertainment, and technology. Laura not only handles our legal and corporate governance matters, but she also participates in shaping our business strategy and corporate development.

Nicole Klein

VP of Corporate Strategy

Nicole uses her digital biotech experience to drive Auxxit’s vision and strategy. She defines value propositions of our platform with a relentless focus on customer experience. In addition to contributions to our product development roadmap, her operational duties include our product launch plan, ongoing marketing activities and outreach efforts.

Bill Barrett

VP of Business Development

Bill has leveraged over 20 years of building teams and developing strategies for high growth technology companies to onboard our first business partner, bring on early-stage investors, and attract great technical talent to join the Auxxit team. Bill will be responsible for scaling the number of individuals and companies utilizing the platform.

Dave Arena

VP of Marketing

Dave’s role is to design, implement, and monitor effective marketing strategies so we can reach our target audience, lower acquisition cost and maximize ROI. He is responsible for developing online and app-based processes along with business development strategies to improve conversions and increase users, engagement, sales, and total revenue.

Maria Meyer

Lead Moderator

As an experienced and successful moderator for our 12-month proof of concept, Maria is dedicated to training new Auxxit moderators. She is available to assist moderators with member growth strategies, conflict resolution, and anything else room related. She recognizes moderators require specific skills to increase room activity and commerce.

Jake Barber


As a seasoned developer of web and mobile applications, Jake has played a key role in getting Auxxit’s development cycle up and running. His contributions to the team include assisting with the design of the app’s initial API structure, writing a secure user authentication system, optimizing database queries, and integrating with third-party software platforms.

David Vorona


Dave is a tech enthusiast and experienced developer across the stack. As a software developer for Auxxit, he has overseen major server-side architectural improvements, coded our payment processing system, and designed our developer workflow and general DevOps practices. Dave will focus on solving any technical challenges that arise as we scale.