Auxxit is Working to Help Small Sellers Affected By Covid-19

In response to many large events and expos being canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Auxxit is working closely with vendors and businesses who have lost income opportunities during this time.

As you can imagine, these expo events are planned out months in advance and businesses count on that revenue.  Current circumstances have caused that potential revenue to be taken away abruptly.

Using our mobile app technology where we bring together live community chat and unique marketplace tools, Auxxit is working to provide merchants who typically sell at physical expos or conventions with a virtual expo platform.

Our technology replicates many of the community and social experiences of an in-person convention and we intend to offer an important tool for merchants who rely on passion-based connections with customers to sell their goods.

We look forward to letting you know about success stories in the days and months ahead.

-The Auxxit Team