Auxxit & MongoDB’s Start-Up Accelerator

Auxxit is pleased to announce that we are now a member of MongoDB’s start-up accelerator!

The MongoDB Startup Accelerator is an initiative designed to help startups succeed by offering access to the software and services to help them build and scale their business.

Startups that are a part of their program get complimentary MongoDB Atlas credits, connections to the MongoDB community, and promotion through MongoDB’s channels.

What are the benefits?

  • MongoDB Atlas cluster for 12 months
  • Introductions to the MongoDB network
  • Connections through MongoDB’s community of experts on the advocacy Hub
  • Passes to local events and MongoDB World
  • Increased visibility and exposure through MongoDB’s community
  • Marketing support and amplification

Startup accelerator alumni…

We are excited to use MongoDB Atlas to for our data management needs.

Thanks for the support!