Auxxit Communities Growing & Expanding

Our first communities have been up and running on the full MVP version of the Auxxit app for a month now.

Its been great to see these communities grow quickly and more importantly, help as the retailers and makers have used the platform to sell hundreds of items that would likely have sat without their storefronts open or trade shows canceled.

Some of the rooms that are gaining a lot of traction not only in new members but also in commerce events and chat activity are:

Auxxit is so excited to start adding several new communities as we enter June, including expected new communities for tabletop gaming and sports card collectors.

Our business development and marketing teams plan to use the next month to start identifying new partners with passion-based audiences and to develop efficient onboarding processes so that we can ramp up the rate of community additions during the second half of the year.

We expect to announce a program focused on bringing in new partners for this effort in the very near future, so please stay tuned!