Auxxit Beta Available in Apple TestFlight and Google Play Stores

We have exciting news!

Auxxit has launched our Beta platform to be available to all users through Apple Testflight and Google Play Stores.

Our closed beta testing feedback gave us incredibly productive and constructive insights that allowed us to broaden our testing group and more importantly simplify the downloading process for our potential users.

From our experience, as someone becomes passionate about an activity, the products and information they seek become very specialized and difficult to acquire.

We hope to ease that process by connecting users with other individuals that share their passion so that they can easily engage in real-time discussion, share knowledge and buy and sell products all in one spot!

Our team has focused on a few key communities that are already starting to grow quickly, having fun with the event style auctions and connecting with other passionate “hobby-preneurs” on the Auxxit platform. The following are our focused Beta communities:

  • Star Wars Digital Trading Cards
  • Classic Vinyl Records
  • HeroClix Gaming
  • Outdoors/Fishing – Muskie Fishing Focus
  • Sports Card Trader

Please download the Auxxit App by clicking here

If you have a community you’re passionate about and want to give Auxxit a try, we’ll help you get started. Click here.