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Why Auxxit?

Your Community, Your Way.

All-in-One live events, auctions, mystery boxes, chat & more

Full Control over your community

Easy audience communication & organization

Quick pay & ship

Everything in One Place

An all-inclusive tool ready & waiting for exactly what you want to do.

Let’s face it. Running a buy-sell-trade community with what’s out there today takes a ton of manual processes and third-party apps to create a many-to-many marketplace. What’s worse, nothing is standardized for organizers or users, leaving everyone to learn for themselves how each community operates. Auxxit brings it all together in one place – allowing you to spend more time on your passion…and less time on the pain.

Know Your Community

Target the communities you care about with elevated visibility & unparalleled insights. 

Many-to-many marketplaces can be risky and confusing, but the right community tools can mitigate these problems. Auxxit gives community leaders and members alike simple, effective tools so that you can know more about with whom you are interacting. From specialized member profile tools to fully embedded seller rating and verification capabilities, Auxxit has exactly what you need to cultivate a safe and vibrant community.

Reach 100% of Your Customers

Standard social media Auxxit is not. Pursue your passion & discover the bespoke buy-sell solution made specifically for you.

Social media – and their less-than-transparent algorithms – control so much of what we see and do when online, making it difficult to efficiently reach the people you want when the time comes to sell your items. Auxxit’s community-first structure – with communities in control – makes it easy to reach the right people at the right time when you’re ready to sell. Everyone in your community is just a simple chat, post, or private message away: that’s the power of Auxxit!

Make Money on All Transactions

With Auxxit, the fees are simple & the reward is great.

As a community builder, you get to set your own transaction fees based on what works for you and your members. When something sells, Auxxit will collect the first 4% to continue to innovate and power its awesome tech stack, and anything above that goes to you, the community leader. That’s right – now YOU can be rewarded for organizing and running your buy-sell-trade community.

Meet Our People

The Team Behind Auxxit

Auxxit was built by passionate buy-sell-trade enthusiasts who grew frustrated by the absence of a comprehensive platform that would allow them to seamlessly interact with their communities, their way.


Daniel Eckert

Paul Guerin

Andy Murray

Yunwen Ye


Why Our Users Love Auxxit

So I joined this awsome app not knowing a thing or what to do, met some awsome people who come with positive vibes 💯. Taught me quite a few things but over all I gave them a 5 star because the people are awsome, the app is 🔥 and it’s something different which everyone needs in their life. Come & join whether your a streamer or a buyer this app is amazing!! Auxxit is the next Big Bang I’m telling y’all 💯


Apple App Store

Awesome Magic the Gathering room. Lots of great deals coming from a community that loves the game. Looking for a specific card or just need some deck ideas, hop in chat and have fun!

Isaax Skrove

Google Playstore

A preferred method. This app is definitely useful, instead of having a flat rate for a card,the idea of bidding for one is amazing. Sometimes able to grab a steal and other times at market value. The app does run smooth,the Pokemon group I’m in has awesome people,and any issues I’ve had have been resolved. No complaints here!


Apple App Store

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